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Relax Zone

Working hours of the Relax Zone - 14: 00-20: 00

The healing properties of hot mineral water (52 °), which springs from a depth of 1000 m, are determined by the complex action of its healing factors - the available chemical components and specific active ingredients. It is suitable for the treatment of musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases, nephro - urological, cardiovascular, endocrine - metabolic and allergic diseases.

Family Hotel Alfaresort has a RELAXATION AREA where you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the river Kozeshtitsa. THE RELAXATION AREA has a sauna, a relaxation room, a Russian bath and a contrasting shower-type ice bucket and an outdoor mineral pool with a "melter" with a water temperature of 36-39 degrees and a swimming section with a water temperature of 22-26 degrees.



A well-known fact is the many health benefits of the sauna, it is a natural and relaxing way to rejuvenate and lift the spirits. One of the main advantages of the sauna is detoxification. In addition, the sauna helps maintain good skin and a clear complexion. During the sauna, blood flow to the skin is increased, this increases the production of collagen, which helps maintain elasticity. Another big plus of the sauna is that it helps in the fight against cellulite and overweight. In addition to the beneficial properties for the body, the sauna has a positive effect on improving emotional and mental state. It has a calming and relaxing effect, helping us to overcome stress and fatigue.

The sauna is not recommended for:

  • people with high or low blood pressure, as well as those with various heart diseases
  • pregnant
  • after drinking alcohol and coffee
  • people with varicose veins and difficulty circulating


The Russian bath dates back to ancient times and is a proven method for relieving nervous tension, stress, fatigue, prevention of colds. The bathroom has a wood stove that heats stones, with a high heat retention coefficient that heats the room. Once the stones are heated enough, they are watered with water mixed with specific oils to form steam.

The bath has a beneficial effect on the state of mind. In the steam room, hot air and steam clean the dead cells of the pores and create conditions for their replacement with new ones. Also, germs die from high temperatures. The sharp change in temperature during burning and then pouring cool water increase the faster supply of blood cells to the skin and stimulate blood circulation.


Our Massage Studio offers a wide selection of massages and therapeutic procedures, combined with relaxing massage techniques, which are applied with essential or base oils depending on the individual preferences and needs of each client. While you enjoy the relaxing massage in a relaxed atmosphere, our specialists will help you get rid of low back pain and stress from the busy everyday life.


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