Amenities| Alfaresort Thermal Chiflika


Outdoor mineral pool

Family Hotel Alfaresort Thermal has a year-round outdoor pool with hot mineral water. It is divided into two sections - one is a type-melter, with a water temperature of 36-39 degrees, and the other is a section for swimming, with indicators of 22-26 degrees. Thanks to the hot mineral water springing from a thermal spring located at 1000 m from the family hotel, the pool becomes an unforgettable memory for all visitors both young and old. The mineral water springs at 52 degrees and has healing properties. The spring is a natural source with a constant flow. We from the team of Alfaresort Thermal want to touch the unadulterated and natural qualities of the mineral water and for this reason we do not heat the water in the pool and give you the incredible opportunity to enjoy its healing properties.

DIY barbecue

The barbecue has a large open fireplace, which is used during the summer months and offers our guests an amazing option for a delicious lunch prepared on charcoal.

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